Sight & Sound Theatre

Bringing Jesus to Life at Sight & Sound Theatre

With the assistance of Upstage Video, Sight & Sound Theatres of Lancaster, PA debuted its epic biblical drama JESUS with a 113’ wide by 30’ tall flying LED screen. Installed by our team at Upstage Video, Jesus was brought to life on stage in a bold new scale. Weighing nearly 12 tons, the screen is used to fly in and out of scenes using a hoist installed by TAIT. The screen arrived at Sight & Sound’s Lancaster, Pennsylvania theatre in 152 road cases, requiring 12 technicians and 2 days to assemble. Among its other impressive stats: It's made up of 1,242 individual panels, the width (113’) is the wingspan of a Boeing 737, and almost 3 stories high (30’), contains almost 21 million individual pixels, all of which are driven by an impressive stack of disguise media servers.


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