Upstage Video introduces a revolutionary new LED screen solution called V-BRIX. V-BRIX is an indoor modular LED video system for corporate staging, exhibits, retail, house of worship, sports and live event environments. The product combines a contemporary modular framing system with a high-resolution 2.5mm LED video panel to create an LED video system with a refined, professional appearance.


LED Display for Trade Show Booth

V-BRIX, manufactured exclusively for Upstage Video, is available in a variety of sizes and specs to match unique environment needs for exhibit designers, event producers and production managers. Choose from a catalog of five off-the-shelf designs or customize your own. With V-BRIX there’s no need to be confined to standard aspect ratios.

Utilizing state-of-the-art technology, V-BRIX allows the end user to control and promote messages in real time remotely with a push of a button.Showcase social media feeds, Keynote and PowerPoint presentations, live-action video, image files, and so much more. 

“As an innovative technology provider, our objective has always been to develop industry-leading, problem-solving products to benefit our clients,” says Upstage Video’s VP of Business Development, Jason Cataldi.“V-BRIX provides designers the ability to infuse traditional sets with the emotion & excitement of digital video content creating an even more engaging sensory experience.”

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