The V-Tower

A Unique LED Screen Support System for Live Events

It seems like our clients have huge imaginations. Just when we think we’ve got them all covered, one of them steps up with a new problem to solve. Over the past few years, conversations surrounding LED screen rentals have shifted from “set it up right over there” to “if you can solve this problem of mine, you get the job.” A few years ago, we decided to build a solution to make it easier for us to offer smaller screens. We wanted to support small LED screens without truss or staging and deploy it quickly with one person. As we worked our way through early designs, it became evident that we were onto something that could do so much more.

The V-tower has quickly become a little piece of efficiency heaven for the Rental and Staging Industry. The bottom of the screen can reach as high as 10′. At 6.5′ high and 31″ wide in its stowed position, the V-Tower’s freakishly small footprint allows for standard doorway entries and can even go on elevators. It fits into spaces you probably never thought of putting an LED screen. Not to mention, it was designed for easy set up- in less 60 minutes.

It’s important to remember V-Towers were not created to replace mega screens. It’s a portable LED screen support system that opens up new possibilities for:

Golf Tournaments

LED Video Screen Rental for Golf Tournaments

Rallies and Parades

LED Video Screen Rental for Outdoor Events

TV Broadcasts

LED Video Rental for Television Broadcasts

Special Events

LED Screen Rental for Outdoor Events and Viewing Parties


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